What is oolong tea?  That's a great question because it is the widest and most varied range of teas in the tea world!  This class of tea can vary greatly in taste, appearance and profile, but think of it as a range of teas from greener (but not green) to darker (but not black). Generally they are oxidized between +/- 15% to 90%.  Some are rolled into balls, some are made into strips, some are heavily roasted, some are not, some are high altitude, some are low; so there is a whole world here to explore.  For us, terroir is the main determining factor when we decide which teas to carry.  You'll find outstanding oolongs from the Taiwanese Highlands, Wuyishan in Fujian and Phoenix Mountain in Guangdong among others on this page.  We are big oolong tea lovers here at BTTC.  My own tea journey started with an amazing Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong and it often comes full circle for me.  I think all tea lovers will find several oolongs that keep calling you back.  These teas are are guaranteed authentic in keeping with our Face to Farmer™ Sourcing.