Oolong Tea

2012 Roasted Tieguanyin Cake

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NOTE: We haven't had this tea for a couple years now and last time it sold out quick.  Our source got another allotment recently and we snatched it up.  We're waiting on the cakes so right now we are only selling 10gr samples.  Try one if this interests you!

Approx. 350gr. of tightly compressed tea (12 oz. of premium tea equal to 6 bags!)

A roasted Anxi Tieguanyin with 10 years of age pressed into a cake?  Yes, please!

For me, a Tieguanyin needs to start out with a mineral quality - without that crisp, thirst quenching, mouth watering effect I'm out.  I'm glad to say this one does not disappoint.  On top of that, it's wonderfully complex.  The roasting augments the low notes of sweet plum and cocoa while the 10 years of aging in pressed form gives it a great viscous and oily texture.  Win, win, win.  Lots of sweet steeps on this one balanced with a nice salivating tartness!  A real pleasure. 

With this tea, a little goes a long way ;)  But I still recommend at least 5gr of leaf and brewing this with quick steeps in your gaiwan.  Boiling water to steep, but please don't drink scalding hot tea.  Wait for it to cool so that it's nice and comfortable to drink and you can discern what's going on in the tea. 

A rare offering made of 2008 Traditionally Roasted Anxi Tieguanyin pressed into bing form in 2012!