About us

Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co. really started in 1992 with an innocent sip of an excellent Alishan Oolong while I was living at the base of Alishan Mountain in Central Taiwan. That eye-opening experience turned into a life-time passion culminating with my decision to open my own online tea store in 2011.  We work from two bases, Zionsville, IN and Taichung, Taiwan.      

Our passion is to physically curate outstanding teas directly from the human beings who grew them.  We are thrilled to be one of the very few companies who truly practice Face to Farmer™ sourcing.  It's very difficult but we believe it results in better tea for YOU, better treatment for the ENVIRONMENT, and better lives for FARMERS dedicated to their craft.  

Having lived in Taiwan for several years and frequently traveling back and forth we have made many tea friends. Dear friends, tea experts and aficionados alike have been instrumental in helping us establish and an exclusive network of the best farmers in Taiwan.     

As we grow, our vision is to continue to specialize in individually curated teas from Taiwan, but we will also offer many of the the best teas from all over the world.  As our network of farmers expands, we will find and support real people with real families who are doing GREAT work skilfully growing the best teas in pristine areas.  

When you buy from BTTC, you are directly supporting small family farms insuring that these farmers continue to grow and provide better lives for their families -- all the while providing you with fantastic teas harvest after harvest.  We hope you'll love our teas and share them with your friends.  

 On behalf of our farmers and BTTC, Thanks.

    Paul Adamson