Welcome!  Our specialty is in the craft teas of Taiwan grown in fertile, mountainous areas on small family farms. Taiwanese tea grown by the right people in the right areas is some of the best tea on Earth.  We offer world-class white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea and for pu-erh lovers we are always on the search for Taiwan-aged rare and interesting pu-erh cakes, bricks and sancha.  Of course, if we find an incredible tea IN ANY GROWING AREA IN THE WORLD, we'll offer it here through BTTC. 

An interesting fact about our company is that we source “Face to Farmer” whenever possible.  This means we source amazing teas while visiting carefully introduced farmers.  This gives us a chance to inspect our tea gardens to make sure we’re offering you the authentic tea.  We’ve been sourcing this way since 2011 and along the way, these farmers have become dear friends and tea consultants.  When you buy your tea here, rest assured that you are directly supporting small family farms, insuring these good people continue to innovate, grow and thrive.  

Please try our teas with your friends and explore together the world of quality, single-origin teas.

Note: We spend a lot of time in Asia but our shipping base is in Zionsville, IN so your teas will be shipped quickly from the USA! 



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