Hi Everyone!  Thanks for having a look at our teaware line.  In the seven years we have been sourcing premium teas, we've had lots of requests for curated teaware and we're excited to finally have a go at it.  I can't claim to be an expert in all the nerderies of teaware but I've used LOTS of teaware over the years and I have a firm handle on what's good and what's not. 

Here I'm bringing together something for everyone at all price ranges.  At the top, we have serious, life-long artist experts who make amazing heirloom quality pieces.  Next we have the mid-range and I'm going mostly with a Taiwanese company called B-Source (I know, not a good name but REALLY good stuff) heavy, meant for usage and good looking.  There are also some artist-signed pieces and some cool antique Taiwanese teapots at this level.  Lastly, we don't want to forget the starving college student so our Budget level is GOOD STUFF for as cheap as we can make it.  Please enjoy.