Oolong Tea

ShanLinXi Premium High Mountain Oolong, $23.99/2oz.

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 "Wow!  This is an amazing tea!" - Sororitea Sisters

Farmer Zeng, who produces our Misty Mountain Oolong grows this amazing tea on the same farm but at a much higher elevation.  This tea comes to us from the highest elevations of Shanlinxi, one of the best growing areas in Taiwan.  Each afternoon misty clouds come in so thick you can hardly see anything for a while. It's quite remarkable and very zen.  

Premium GaoShanCha has a heavier liquor that delivers a smooth drinking experience not to be missed.  Not dry at all or bitter, but simply clean and refreshing.  Explore this tea slowly with many infusions and you might catch such notes as butterscotch.

Like our other teas, this tea is expertly grown, hand-picked, hand-processed and vacuum packed at the source!  Only our "Face-to-Farmer" sourcing insures you premium quality.  

I'm sometimes asked which is my favorite tea and I can say that our Shanlinxi Premium is my favorite High Mountain Oolong year after year - calming but vitalizing chaqi.  

Larger sizes will be packed in 2 oz. sizes unless specifically requested otherwise.  In other words, an 8 oz. order will come in 4 individually vacuum packed bags.  

*Gaoshancha refers to "High Mountain Rolled Oolong Tea"


Varietal:           Qingxin

Location:         Shanlinxi

Elevation:        1700M

Harvest:          Winter 2019

Brewing:          One teaspoon to 8oz. 185 deg. water for 4 minutes.