Delightful Oolong Teas

Four Seasons Oolong Tea, $10.99/2oz.

    "It’s lightly floral, lightly green, just nice and easy drinking".   

    Four Seasons occupies the pole position of our starting line-up of fantastic rolled oolongs* from the mountains of rural Taiwan.  It's our most economical High Mountain Oolong and a great place to start if you are new to this genre! 

    Of course, our highest-elevation teas are only plucked twice per year; once in Spring known as the "Spring Harvest" and once in the late Fall, known as "Winter Harvest" due to the unique climate.  However, this Sijichun cultivar can be grown at lower elevations and is plucked up to four times per year.  It's specially developed to deliver the flavor of a Spring harvest all year-round.  Farmer Zeng uses a tea-picking machine for this tea so we are happy to offer it to you at this very approachable price.  

    Four Seasons is no-fail brewing!  It won't get astringent if you brew it too long and finishes clean.  The taste is subtle but discernible gardenia with a touch of cream.  "Nice and easy drinking" is about right.  Vacuum packed at the source! 

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    *What's a "rolled" oolong?  A part of the processing, Farmers wrap the raw leaf in a cloth and roll them in a rolling machine.  Rolled oolongs come in little nuggets of tightly compressed tea.  An oolong is any tea that is oxidized between around 15% to 90%.   This tea is around 20% so it's greener on the spectrum.   

    Cultivar:           Sijichun

    Location:         Lugu

    Elevation:        500M

    Harvest:          Winter 2020

    Brewing:         One teaspoon to 8oz. 185 deg. water for 4 minutes.