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8 Immortals Dan Cong Oolong, $21.99/2oz

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This rarer cultivar grown in Guang Dong is poetically named after the Eight Immortals of Chinese Mythology, who are reputed to have the ability to manipulate the secrets of nature.  This tea contains only tea leaves, expertly prepared, but you could imagine it as somehow transmuted to take on the quality of fruit :)  

You get a sense of creaminess from the dry leaf believe it or not.  It's quite unusual. Although the actual drinking experience doesn't carry a creamy texture but rather a nice clean peach-flesh experience with a very soft-water liquor due to the high mineral content.  It carries itself well through many infusions.  I like to pour off several infusions into one reservoir and drink it a cup at a time, or share it with friends by serving it from a small pitcher of multiple infusions.  

This one's a winner. Dan Cong's in general are so interesting and the drinking experience is unlike any other tea. 

We've found that Dan Cong teas benefit from being sealed tightly as soon as possible, so keep this one in a sealed container of some sort.  

Fyi, word on the street is that the local price on this one is going sky high so I'm not sure how long we can carry this one in the future.  Get it now.

Crop: Spring 2019

Varietal: Ba xian

Origin: Phoenix Mountain, Wudong village area

Elevation: 1000M


Gong fu brewing with spring water or filtered water is recommended.  Dan Congs brew best with more dry leaf, shorter steeps and less water.  Place 7gr of dry leaf in your standard gaiwan.  Douse the leaves with boiling hot water just covering them.  Steep 1-2 seconds pouring them off into your holding cup.  Gradually increase time a little with each steep.  Repeat as long as the leaves hold up.   The important thing is to let it cool to a comfortable temperature before you start sipping.  

Of course, for on-the-go you can also use one teaspoon to 8oz. 200° water for 4-5 minutes.  

What is "Dan Cong Oolong"?

I'm constantly amazed by the world of teas and the Dan Cong family of oolongs is no exception.

One could divide the world of oolongs simply into three catagories; Taiwanese oolongs, Wuyi oolongs and Dan cong oolongs.  Once upon a time, a single batch of tea made from the leaves of a single tree located in the Phoenix mountain area of Guang Dong Province was called Dan Cong.  It literally means “Single Tree”.  But nowadays, Dan Cong has become a generic name referring to the plethora varieties of roasted oolongs produced in that geographical area.

Something of a mimic bird, Dan Cong can have a pronounced and large range of tastes from floral to fruity to herbal depending on the sub-type of tea you are brewing.   This tea family has many members and they all have something interesting and pleasurable to offer.  I encourage you to try them out.