Oolong Tea

Muzha Tieguanyin, $32.00/2oz.

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"[Your] Muzha Tieguanyin exceeded expectations... Back in the 80's I lived in Muzha and I know what this tea should taste like.  This Muzha Tieguanyin is what it should taste like.  Excellent.  I'm purchasing more. - Bob B.

Tieguanyin is a rolled oolong made with the Tieguanyin cultivar originally from Fujian, China. Of course, most Taiwanese are Fujian immigrants so it didn't take long for them to bring some plants over and start growing their own Tieguanyin.  It's grown mostly in the area called "Muzha" and thus the name.  "Guanyin" is the Goddess of compassion and "Tie" means metal - apparently taken from the mineral content of the soil that translates into the tea in it's home territory of Anxi. 

There are many "fakes" made with other oolong cultivars but this one is real procured by our friends in Taipei who commandeered the whole crop from the farmer in Muzha. This tea is very hard to come by in any meaningful amount even in Taiwan.  

Any respectable tea cabinet needs a brilliant Muzha Tieguanyin like this one!


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