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Yushan High Mountain Oolong, $14.99 (2oz/56g)

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"...the depth and complexity of flavor make this tea stand out." 

Right in the middle of the Taiwanese Highlands sits Jade Mountain, the highest point in East Asia.  Of course, tea is not able to grow at the highest elevations of Yushan but Farmer Luo grows this outstanding tea around the 1600M mark putting it well within respectable Gaoshancha heights.  We've been working with Farmer Luo for several years now and he always delivers excellent tea.  Very reasonably priced we encourage you to give it a try.

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Cultivar:          Qingxin

Location:         Yushan  

Elevation:        1600M

Harvest:           Winter 2021

Brewing:          One teaspoon to 8oz. 195 deg. water for 4 minutes.