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Misty Mountain Oolong, $14.99 (2oz/56g)

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    "A truly excellent tea. Sweet and crisp flavor with very light vegetal undertones."

    "Misty Mountain Oolong" is our authentic, farm-direct Shanlinxi High Mountain Oolong offered at a very attractive price point.

    Grown up to 1,500M in one of the best areas anywhere in Taiwan, Misty Mountain is a proper Taiwanese Gaoshancha or "High Mountain Tea".  Over the years, Misty Mountain has become a flagship house tea for BTTC often noted for its quality, drink-ability and price. 

    We are proud to have exclusive access to Farmer Zeng's Gaoshancha.  He expertly grows this amazing tea on his small family farm nearly a mile above sea level where it's bathed daily in alternate mist and sunshine.  This is hand picked, small-batch tea that will give you pleasure for months.  

    Vacuum packed at the source.  This tea is good for at least 2 years when kept out of heat/light.  If you have it longer than that though, don't throw it away!  Seal it up and wait another 10 years.  It'll be amazing. 

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    Varietal:         Qingxin

    Location:       Shanlinxi

    Elevation:      1300-1500M

    Harvest:        Winter 2022

    Brewing:       One teaspoon to 8oz. 195 deg. water for 4 minutes.