Report from Vietnam

May 27, 2015

Hi Guys!

We've found the right people to support in Vietnam!  I'm very pleased with the quality of the teas from the Vu family. Their tea farm is in Thai Nguyen in Northern Vietnam. One of the nephews speaks English and I met with him for a lengthy tea session.  

They are wanting to push the envelope and find a way to get their teas to the world.  Their family has been growing teas since the 1920’s and we’re happy to bring you three of their teas:  Fish Hook Green tea, a roasted oolong called Tiger Lily and another green called Dragon's Breath (great names!)

We are one of the very few companies truly sourcing “Face to Farmer” and I feel really good about that.  More money goes to the farmer and the connections are very human and personal.  Almost all tea companies get their teas from wholesalers. There are a lot of problems that go along with that but I won’t go into that here.



We were also able to get ahold of some Ancient Tea Tree Tea (Made from the same trees as very high end Puerh).  This is acquired by the Vu family who are allowed to pick this tea one day a year by the Hmong minority people who own them in the very far north.  HUGE trees.  This tea will be available on our site for a very good price.

We are the exclusive outlet for Vu family tea outside of Vietnam.  Good teas coming your way!

Now onto Anxi for some Tieguanyin.

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