Premium Gyokuro Green Tea, $22.00/2oz

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For a long time now, we've been looking for the right farm partner in Japan who can deliver the good stuff to our customers!

This Gyokuro is an amazing Japanese steamed green tea.  Although you can find all kinds of grades in Japan we feel it's just not worth it to get less than the premium, shade-grown Gyokuro from an expert source that delivers a fresh, amazing drinking experience every time.  This tea has a dark, rich green color due to the healthy chlorophyll content from growing in the shade.  You'll get a fresh Spring field taste that's as smooth as it can be with a great mouth feel!

Certified organic USDA/JAS.

Bulk orders will be packed in 2 oz. bags unless otherwise requested (leave us a note at checkout).

Brew this tea at COOLER temps so you can taste this tea properly.  We recommend a teaspoon to a cup @ 60°c/140°f for 2-3 minutes.

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Category: Green Tea

Type: Green tea