Moonlight White Tea

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White teas are minimally processed.  While most other teas get roasting and "rolling" or some other process to extract the flavor of the tea, this one is not.  Known as "Yue guang bai" this tea is air dried and left to bask in the moonlight on Jing Mai Mountain in remote Yunnan Province.  This tea is more subtle but don't underestimate it. Take your time and brew it at lower temps.

One thing you will find about this tea is that it improves over time.  Pretty dramatically.  It will take on a sweetness and umami not found in the leaves that are just harvested.  We suggest you get as much as you can because you can age this tea and taste it getting better and better over the years. 

We really love this tea.  It makes such a difference when a tea is family-made right in one of the best tea growing areas in the world.  We stayed with Yubai and her family a couple of years ago and found them to be wonderfully hospitable.  We are pleased to offer their teas to you.  

Brew this "Grandpa style" with lower temps (or guess about 2 tbs of leaf in 8 oz water at 180° for around 3 min.)  Enjoy! 




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    Type: White tea