Alishan High Mountain Oolong, $19.99 (2oz/56g)

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    "floral, sweet and delicate"

    Our Alishan High Mountain Oolong comes from Alishan mountain, probably the most famous tea growing region in all of Taiwan.  

    It's quite a magical place if you ask me, especially around the National Park area.  Alishan holds a very special place for me because my first taste of Taiwanese High Mountain Oolong was an excellent Alishan while I was living just down the mountain in Chiayi City.  I've been drinking them ever since!   

    Recently over the last few years I've spent quite a lot of time there meeting with Alishan farmers.  We work directly with two Alishan farmers and indirectly with a third who is an amazing roaster.  At present we are offering tea from the Dabang village area down the road from Shizhuo or "Stone Table".  This area has a cool and moist climate where the necessary mist and sunshine take turns on the leaves transforming them into what can only be called proper Taiwanese Gaoshancha or High Mountain Tea.  

    You can drink this Alishan for hours and not get tired of it. It’s clean, refreshing and invigorating.

    Varietal:           Qingxin

    Location:         Alishan  

    Elevation:        1400M

    Harvest:           Winter 2021


    In your standard gaiwan, use 3-4gr of dry-leaf with 195°f/ 90°c water.  45 second infusions.  I like to let it cool down a little after the pour before drinking.  

    For gongfu brewing in a 100-150ml teapot, use the same amount of tea/water temp but do quicker pour-offs, about every 10 seconds.  Caffeine is delivered more quickly with this method so I don't normally brew this way, but to each his own.  

    Poor folks way:  Simply use two coffee mugs.  In mug #1, pour in enough dry-leaf to sparsely cover the bottom of the mug.  Heat your filtered or spring water to 195°F / 90°C.  Pour in enough water to cover the leaves.  Discard this "rinse" carefully straining through a fork.  Smell the now steaming dry-leaf for a sense of what you are getting ready to drink.  Fill your mug and let it steep for about 5 minutes until the leaves open up nicely and the cup is fragrant.  Strain carefully with a fork into mug #2 and enjoy. 

    Grandpa's way: Get a big, tall mug and just cover the bottom with dry-leaf.  Fill up your mug with hot water and let it sit for about 5 minutes.  Carry it with you throughout the day, filling it back up as needed.  Chat with friends looking all cool with your Taiwanese Alishan High Mountain Oolong but be careful not to get a leaf stuck on your teeth with this method :)

    Note: Because of its reputation, Alishan tea is faked all over the internet and in China.  Ours is farm direct and guaranteed authentic ;)