Moonlight White Tea, $12.49/2oz

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Moonlight White Tea, or "Yue guang bai" is a very nice tea renowned for being withered in the Moonlight instead of the Sunlight.  We encourage you to try it!  

We've found that this tea benefits immensely from time in storage.  With around 2 years of age, this batch already has a very fragrant, clean and crisp taste but a nice weighty mouth feel is yet to develop fully.  Stock up on this tea!  Drink some now and compare it every six months or so.  It's a lot of fun and one reason people are dedicated tea drinkers.  

You'll get lots of buds from this beautiful Autumn, 2016 batch grown in Jinggu County, North of Puer City in Yunnan Province. 


Brew this "Grandpa style" with lower temps (or guess about 2 tbs of leaf in 8 oz water at 180° for around 3 min.)  Enjoy! 




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    Type: White tea