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Spring 2017 Crop

Aromatic, nutty and crisp!  Don't miss out on this fantastic tea from Sanxia.  Named after a similar tea in China known as Biluochun, this is an early spring tea picked when the leaves are young and tender. It's best when it's fresh and has a very unique aroma and flavor.  Nicely smooth, delicate and aromatic.

"This is a beautiful green tea. Very fresh, reminiscent of spring when the early leaves are appearing, the scents, the feel, the experience and the flavors of newness of spring. A lovely delicate flavor but still quite complex."

Flavors: Cut grass, Lima Beans, Rain forest, Summer, Sweet, Vegetable Broth, Vegetal

Learn how to brew this tea in a gaiwan HERE

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Category: Green Tea

Type: Green tea