Premium Matcha, $28.00/2 oz.

Price is for 2 oz. (56gr)

Ooooooo Mommy!*  This is a very satisfying and delectable Japanese Matcha.  If you are going to drink Matcha, you should drink the real thing or go home in our opinion.  Good matcha is dark, super silky and tastes like you are eating something delicious**.  The liquor is thick and refreshing.  This tea is the highest ceremonial-grade Matcha made by our farm partner in Kagoshima prefecture in the far South of Japan.  Guys!  We've been looking for the right partner in Japan for several years now and we feel this is the right one!  They even have a 9th-degree Master in Chado who only gives the green light when he feels it's good enough.  

We hope you agree that this quality at this price is a winner because we're excited to offer this one to our customers!  Certified organic JAS/USDA.


A blend including Yabukita, Asanoka, Saemidori and Okumidori.
Location: Kagoshima, Japan


This is a low elevation tea


Spring 2018


1/2 tsp to 1/2 cup water @ 140°f.  Whisk to froth or shake it up in a drink mixer like Tom Cruise.  

    *umami is the Japanese term for delicious (well it's more nuanced than that but you get the idea).

    **Nowadays, matcha seems to be everywhere, usually grown in all the wrong places and lacking all the right qualities.  This one is a great example of an excellent Japanese Matcha and it's Soooo worth it in my opinion. 

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    Type: Green tea