Green Tea of the Clouds, $18.99/2oz

It may interest you to know that a lot of tea farmers know each other through markets, trade shows and personal interest.  They learn a lot from each other and sometimes even work together to make something a little different.   

In this case, we have a collaboration!  Our Wuyishan farmer drove 40 minutes to see his friend in Zhenghe (Northern Fujian) to purchase fresh tea leaves right from his fields.  He brought them home right away to make his own small batch of premium green tea.   

If you are a fan of our own Twisted Green, this "Green Tea of the Clouds" is highly recommended as it's similar in the inhale and taste profile but more delicate and even smoother. 

Impressions: Refreshing, clean, smooth, delicate, mellow. 

Harvest: Spring 2023

Chinese name: 高山雲霧綠茶 Gāoshān yúnwù lǜchá

Location: Zhenghe/Wuyishan

Standard: One leaf/One bud - the buds are long and thin when they brew up

Brewing:  Low temps on this one (160°f/71°c).  1tsp dry-leaf to 8 oz water.  Brew for 3-4 minutes.  You should get three good brews from these leaves.