Golden Lily Oolong, $12.99/2oz.

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    This Spring 2018 crop is fragrant and creamy with just a hint of "milk" Golden Lily is sometimes noted for - not to be missed ;)  Golden lily has been a favorite of ours for many years now.  At a great price, you're getting a hand-picked Jinxuan varietal grown in Ruifeng, Alishan one of the best areas in Taiwan. 

    Family-farm grown, we're delighted to support these guys.  No "milk" additives, just good tea!

    Larger sizes will be packed in 2 oz. sizes unless specifically requested otherwise.  In other words, an 8 oz. order will come in 4 individually vacuum packed bags.  


    Jinxuan 金萱

    Alishan 阿里山


    Up to 1400M


    Late April 2018 - "Spring Harvest"


    One teaspoon to 8oz. 195 deg. water for 3-4 minutes. 

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