GABA "Chill Out" Oolong, $14.99/2oz

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Here's another great tea I've been wanting to offer our customers but it took forever to find just the right one!  I really like this one, so I'm offering it here.

In a world of constant stimulation, GABA tea is something to help you wind out.  I've found this to be useful for cutting some of the edge off stress and helpful to blow things off easier.  In Japan, for a tea to be called GABA it must contain 150mg or more per 100gr of tea to be called GABA.  This batch has nice healthy 279mg ;)   

This tea is on the roast-ier side so if you have had a roasted taiwanese oolong, it's similar in character but this is a bit sweeter.  Super easy to brew and not bitter at all.  Have a cup at the end of the day and BREATH.  

Just put a teaspoon in a cup of boiling water, wait 5 minutes and enjoy!  Alternately, I brew mine in a small teapot gongfu style with boiling water 3 times poured into a serving pitcher and then drank.  Gaiwans work too.

You can do some quick research on what GABA tea is:  HERE and HERE if you want.  GABA is found naturally in tea but "GABA" Taiwanese Oolong undergoes a natural process that produces higher levels for more effectiveness.  

Location: Nantou, Taiwan

Cultivar: Wuyi

GABA Count: 279mg/100g

Brewing: One teaspoon to 8oz. 195 deg. water for 4 minutes.