Dian Hong Black Tea, $14.99/2oz.

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This tea was first introduced to us on our Kickstarter campaign "The Quest for the World's Best Teas" back in 2015.  We were looking for a high quality, farm-direct, small-batch tea grown on super-clean Jingmai Mountain in far South-Western Yunnan and we found the right one!  

This batch is sun dried, giving it an exceptionally clean and soft finish.  The texture is super silky and the taste is classic, delicious black tea without any dryness. 

If you drink a lot of iced tea when you are out and about during Summer like me, you will thank yourself later for hitting that "ADD TO CART" button :)

Grown organically without chemical pesticides but no certification. 

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Brewing: This tea is also great for grandpa-style slow slurping or feel free to fill the bottom of your gaiwan or similar and brew at 205°F/96°C with 20 sec. infusions or to taste.