Dayuling Premium High Mountain Oolong, $34.99 (2oz/56g)


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    "...a slow and gentle poem"

    Dayuling is very unassuming and brings unexpected gifts in a simple tea.  Meaning, although some nice top notes are there, the real strength of this tea is in the texture, the smooth drinking experience and how it makes you feel.  With Dayuling you get a pristine high-elevation mineral-rich terroir absorbing dense fog, gentle rains, brilliant sunlight and quiet star-lit nights. 

    Not only is it a great drinking tea, Dayuling delivers a calm and relaxed body with an easily focused mind.  Not to be rushed, this tea can be very beneficial for meditation, mindful movement, reading and prayer.

    This authentic tea is grown by our small family farmer partner at the 95K mile marker - guaranteed authentic!   

    Similar teas we carry include Lishan Premium and Shanlinxi Premium.  You may want to try them all and see which you prefer although Dayuling is grown at the highest elevation. 

    Varietal:           Qingxin

    Location:         Dayuling

    Elevation:        2500M

    Harvest:         Winter 2023


    In your standard gaiwan, use 4-5gr of dry-leaf with 195°f/ 90°c water.  45 second infusions.  I like to let it cool down a little after the pour before drinking.  

    Alternately, you could use one teaspoon to 8oz. 195 deg. water for 4 minutes.