Charcoal Roasted Yushan High Mountain Oolong, $14.99/2oz.

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This is the same tea as our "Jade Mountain" Yushan High Mountain Oolong grown by Farmer Luo at 1,600m on but the processing is different.  After the initial processing of outdoor/indoor whithering and rolling, he passes it to a friend that specializes in charcoal roasting.  This stage mutes some of the top notes of this high quality oolong but replaces them with a satisfying underlying texture. 

Farmer Luo makes a point that he can roast it himself but at his age he just not excited about the 3 days with no sleep to get it done!

Notes on this batch:  This batch is soooo good.  Don't be mistaken into thinking that this is a dark, roasty, bitter tea.  No, this is roasted very lightly and I would say the roaster nailed it just right for this tea.  Each gulp goes down super clean and quick, with a thirst quenching finish.  Several steeps in you start getting a bit more roast and then it dissipates but still pushes out from there delivering oily wash-downs and a solid drinking experience.  This tea doesn't give up easily.  I could drink this tea all day and with the long legs on this batch you pretty much could do just that.  With age, more roast should last longer into the steeps.  A pleasure to drink.  In fact you can age this tea for a long time and it'll just keep getting better so stock up!





Up to 1600M


Early May 2018 - "Spring Harvest"


One teaspoon to 8oz. 195 deg. water for 4-5 minutes. 

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