Bingdao Raw Puerh Orbs

Price is for a bit more than 2oz.  Each order comes with 7 tea orbs. 

There is nothing more dear to us at BTTC than High Elevation teas.  This raw pu-erh is no exception.

Bing Dao 冰岛 is a famous tea-growing village area in Lincang, Yunnan Province known for its high elevation and viscous, milder teas.  I don't know the year on these because they've been in the bottom of my tea chest for, I'm guessing three years and I didn't write the year down.  It's still young though and has a LOT of energy (chaqi).  I'm guessing 2015.  Bing Dao has gained a lot of fame over the last few years and tea prices are among the highest in Yunnan.  I'm guessing these are from material in the surrounding area.  I'm pretty good at discerning Bingdao as it's probably my favorite area in Yunnan. 

I recommend a French press to allow the leaves to expand.  You'll get A LOT of steeps from these Bing Dao Balls.  I don't recommend "Grandpa Style" brewing for this one but rather a longer initial steep (1 min.) followed by increasingly shorter steeps as the leaves unfurl in order to avoid over-astringency.  Get it right and it's very nice!  Get it wrong and your lips will pucker ;)

This tea has mostly bigger leaves meticulously hand-processed into little "Dragon Balls".