Medium-Roast Lishan Premium, $26.99 (2oz/56g)

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My friend Ahfeng only chooses suitable teas for baking and this one is a Lishan selection.  I thought he was crazy for baking/roasting this Lishan but I was won over by its silky sweetness.   He went with a medium roast on this and I think he nailed it just right.  

We only have a small amount of this special curation so get it while you can :)

Cultivar:          Qingxin

Location:        Fushou Lishan

Elevation:        2000+M

Harvest:          Winter 2022

Brewing:         One teaspoon to 8oz. 195 deg. water for 4 minutes, or 6-8gr/140ml teapot with 30sec steeps.