White Peony, $21.99 (2oz/56gr)

This tea is quickly becoming a personal favorite!  

If you know BTTC, you know that we love small family tea farms and farmers!  We're glad to offer you this White Peony, or Bai Mu Dan tea grown in one of the best white tea growing areas called Zhenghe, in Northern Fujian Province.   

This tea is a bud heavy upper plant picking.  It's slightly greener than some other areas that grow Bai Mu Dan but that's a result of the terroir.  This is very much a nice white tea I think you will enjoy.  You get a sense of the clean mountainous surroundings in a delicate but flavorful cup - this crop is more floral. 

Harvest: Spring 2024

Chinese name: 白牡丹 Bái mǔdān

Location: Zhenghe

Brewing:  190°f/87°c).  1tsp dry-leaf to 8 oz water.  Brew for 3-4 minutes.  (Standard gaiwan, 3gr/45 sec.)