Aged Pu-erh: 80's Menghai Blend, $10.99/2oz.

I like teas that have a brothy texture like this and is akin to slurping on some soup (something you don't normally get anywhere near this price).  This tea finishes cleanly and salivates the mouth making it a good choice as an accompaniment for Dim Sum or Chinese food in general.  

This is a half-raw, half-ripe offering, meaning that it is made of fermented and non-fermented leaves.  Not woody, not fruity... not much forward taste at all really but I'm offering this for the texture, the finish and the nice easy feeling you get from drinking it.  The color is also pleasing and is closer to purple-red than dark-brown.  

This tea was pressed in iron cake form, after the fact at some point supposedly of Banzhang material stored in Southern China since the Eighties.  For somebody that specializes in "Face to Farmer" teas, I'm not going to promise that because I wasn't there.  For the record, I don't think it's that old.  However, it definitely has some good age on it and it's a decent puerh especially considering the price.  Worth a try to see if you like it.  Let me know! 

Try hitting it hard with boiling water and pour it off with short steeps, let it cool down a bit and start slurping (5 gr to a standard gaiwan).  Alternately, boil it in a kettle for a short while and it's ready to pour when it darkens.  Repeat until spent. 

We are selling this in 2 oz. bags already broken up ready to drink.