2014 Fuding White Tea

Price is for approx. 2 oz. (11 tea orbs of 5gr each) 

Sweet, clean and with good viscous mouth feel, we think you'll like our Fuding White Tea.  In fact, it just might become a "go-to" for you.  

Most white teas improve with some age so we acquired this 2014 vintage that had been hand pressed into little super-convenient 5 gr. orbs.  These Fuding white tea balls are perfect for "Grandpa Style" brewing.  Just put it in a cup, pour in some hot water and be on your way.  Drink on these leaves all day long.   Alternately, using a 100 ml gaiwan works great too.  

Processing:  Hand made

Location: 太姥山 Tai lao shan in Fuding, Fujian province China

Varietal: Dabai

Grade: Tribute 


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Category: tea balls

Type: White tea