2006 Dragon Horse

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New offering: 1/21/23

Cake size: Around 380g

Type:  Medium-aged raw puer

At just under 20 years of dry storage, this cake won't get bitter even if you brew it for a long time.  It's pleasurably smooth with a nice mouthfeel and  conspicuous camphor taste (with no "woody-ness", smokiness or wet notes).  Nothing overpowers you, it's just a good tea with no off tastes. 

I'm a fan of these Medium-aged raw cakes because you get a lot of value for a reasonable investment.  This is a good one to keep for ten years in your tea chest and you'll have a fully-aged Chinese-Medicine-cabinet-worthy cake in your collection. 

It's called "Long Ma Rui Ming A1-2" from Chang Tai Tea Manufacturing based in Jinghong, Yunnan.  The label states it has lots of quality control awards and is supposedly organic.   I'm making no claims myself but I can say it's very clean.  

Note: there will be some smallish holes in the wrappers due to age.