Zhongcha Yiwu Old-Arbor

Price is for one full cake.  Wrappers in good condition but not guaranteed to not have small holes/tears.  Weight is approx. 365gr.

Get 15% off when you buy any combination of 5 full cakes or tuos.  Use code "5cakes" at checkout.

Rememember, these cakes are old so they will have some small holes, etc...  

This tea is GOOD.  A Zhong Cha production made of Spring crop 1990 leaves.

Natural storage on the East Coast of Taiwan near the ocean.  This acquisition has still some humidity in the initial nose, rinse and second steep but it quickly disappears yielding to a well-textured soup tasting of old wood with notes of camphor.  This tea is ready to purchase!

"Old Arbor" means that the leaves used in this production come from older plants in the Yiwu growing area.  This means the roots are more established and deliver more character to the leaves (soil content, etc...).  

Sourced from the original owner whose been buying pu-erh in Yunnan for more than 30 years to be stored in Taiwan.  He says this is a 1990.  Wrappers are nice, leaf is good quality and of course, it steeps out a good long time.  Whether or not it is exactly a 1990 or not, it certainly is old, aged and one of the best teas out there!  Also, it's got some humidity in the nose and first steepings, but that will dissipate if that's not your thing!  You'll just be left with perfectly astringent soupy goodness.

This tea is calming to the mind and stomach, a real pleasure to drink.