1990‘s Mini Tuo Raw Pu-erh, $14.99/2oz.

Price is for 10 mini tuo, approx. 2 oz. of aged raw puerh (approx. 6gr. each).

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BRAND NEW OFFERING: If you know BTTC well, you'll surmise that I far prefer good texture in my teas over flavor-forward teas - as do most tea masters/aficionados in the world.  I look for teas that are smooth and oily when I'm seeking pu-erh and although I'm generally not a big fan of "Mini tuo" pu-erhs, this one is a winner! 

Around 20 years of Taiwan Natural Storage has given this tea great color, weight, and smoothness.  It's got some humidity on the nose but that will dissipate in time if you prefer it that way.  

We package these with a vacuum seal so you can choose if you want to drink it au naturel or let it air out if you prefer.  Good stuff!  Very smooth and slurpy.  

The tea leaves were chopped up prior to pressing, I'm assuming so it would be easier to make this shape in this size

NOTE: Tuo is pronounced like the "Woe" in "Woe is me" but with a "T" in front of it, like... Twoe, haha.  

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Category: aged puerh, raw

Type: Pu-erh