1985 Zhong Cha Raw Pu-erh - "Yiwu Old-Arbor - Special Selection"

Price is for a full cake, approx. 350gr.

Order 5 or more cakes and we'll give you a 15% discount at checkout.  Use code "5cakes"

1985-2000 Dry Storage in China followed by 2000-2017 Natural Taiwan Storage.  This is a rare tea that you won't see back after they are gone.  Fully aged Yiwu Gushu!

We have some tongs in Taiwan and can send them to you from there if you would like an unopened tong.  It will take about 3 weeks.  Individual cakes will be sent from our warehouse in Zionsville, IN.   


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Category: Aged puerh, raw

Type: Pu-erh