1960's Chong Shi Cha, $10/10g

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New offering: 1/21/23

Sample size: 10g

This is a bit of a novelty and quite rare.  The story here is that workers meticulously harvested the droppings of caterpillars who chomp on tea leaves in the fields.  It's then dried and further processed into a tea.  Well it is tea in a round about way :)

This batch is extremely clean with no unpleasant offenses. I'd say it's fairly neutral in taste but tends toward earthy with the mouthfeel of an average cup of coffee.  Worth a try!

1g in a standard gaiwan.  Boiling water.  Brew stirring occasionally until opaque.  Strain through a tea strainer (HERE).  Or 1gr or more directly in the tea strainer, pour over boiling water and enjoy. 

It's been popular with the oversees Chinese in SE Asia as in TCM it's considered good for the stomach but I'm not making any claims.