Special Pu-erh Cake Buy

We have been developing relationships in Taiwan for many years now and some of our friends are consummate Pu-erh tea hoarders.  I'm convinced them to give up on some of the goods but I don't know exactly what I will get! Starting May 23rd I'll start meeting with these nerds and assemble a catalog of available teas.  I expect the price to be below market value, and I'll go as low as I can for this special buy.  

So if you are developing a Pu-erh collection, this is a good chance to get ahead of the game. No obligation to buy.  Cakes and tongs only.  Shipping will be from Taiwan.  Shipping to be paid by purchaser.  Per tong price for shipping is going to be about $40 per tong (7 cakes) to North America so it's not that bad.  3 cake minimum.  

Send me your email address to get on the distribution list for this Pu-erh buy.  I'll send you detailed descriptions.  Then email me with what you want and I'll paypay bill you.  Simple.  Deadline for orders will be June 5th and then it's GONE. 

email: Info@BeautifulTaiwanTea.com