Online Oolong Tea Store from Taiwan


From our beginning in 2011, we wanted to do things the right way.  We decided to physically curate some of the best teas in the world directly from the human beings who grow them.  We call this Face to Farmer™ Sourcing.  This means better tea for us all, healthier agricultural practices for our shared earth, and improved lives for farmers dedicated to their craft. 

I assure you that the tea you buy here is authentic.  You'll also be glad to know that we have first-hand knowledge that our teas are grown in PRISTINE areas, soaking up the best of what nature has to offer; the sun, the soil, the zen-like mist and the overall environment from which it is born.  Every year, we continue the never-ending "Quest for the World's Best Teas" in Taiwan, China, Japan and anywhere amazing teas can be found. 

Chia Chun and I are both fluent in Chinese language and culture and spend quite a bit of time visiting our tea farmer friends each year.  However, we spend most of our time living and working in the American Mid-West.  This insures quick shipping anywhere in North America.  We are thrilled that most of our domestic customers get our seasonal, farm-direct teas in just a few days! 

So please look around, every genre has something to offer.  Whether its White Tea,  Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea or Pu-erh Tea we promise interesting choices you're sure to love!

   On behalf of our farmers and BTTC, Thank you for your patronage! 

Paul and Chia-Chun