Online Oolong Tea Store from Taiwan


Artisan teas from small family farms.

Do you know where your tea comes from? Our online tea store carries teas we personally procure from small family farms high in the mountains of Taiwan. These teas are quickly bought up by the domestic Taiwan market where there is a thriving tea culture and many people know where to find the best, healthiest teas. Though connections built over years we are able to acquire for you the best teas available each year. Why teas from Taiwan? Because we believe them to be the best of their kind in the world. The right geographic position and elevations of Taiwan allow mist and sunshine to produce truly world class enjoyment. Our teas are hand-picked, hand-roasted and fresh! Thank you for visiting our online tea store.

Recent Feedback...

imagesD  "Love your tea! It is such a good price and the fact that you vacuum seal your tea makes me confident in what I am enjoying. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for beautiful Taiwanese tea now!"  Becka

imagesD  "Just made my first cup... and it is delicious! It smells as good as it tastes! Love the floral notes and the complete lack of bitterness of any kind. My new favorite tea!" - Julie

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