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Farmer Chang's Green Oolong (Baozhong), $13.99/2oz.

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Farmer Chang is a third generation farmer who grows outstanding Baozhong in a simply pristine environment! His tea is very smooth and drinkable. It won't get bitter no matter what you do with it and you'll get floral notes and a clean feeling from the environment where it's grown on Chang's small family farm.  He's so good, he has won first place more than once in the Shiding District Wenshan Baozhong Farmer's Competition!

I classify this tea as a Green Oolong* as it is so close to a green but just barely crosses over the line into Oolong territory.  Although some years, he oxidizes it a bit more than usual.  This is a great tea for beginners or seasoned sippers alike.    

Notes: Butter, Cucumber, Osmanthus, Spinach

Varietal:           Qingxin

Location:         Pinglin  

Elevation:        800M

Harvest:           Spring 2020


Put 0.17oz (5gr) leaf into a 8oz. (200ml) cup.  Fill with filtered or spring water around 175°F / 80°C.  Steep for about 5 minutes until the leaves open up nicely and the cup is fragrant.  Strain and enjoy. 

Alternately, 3gr to competition style brewer cup. 

*The word "Green Oolong" seems to have caught on in the English Language.  It was not used before I invented it here for the first time over seven years ago as an attempt to differentiate a lightly oxidized oolong (say, in the 10-20% range) compared to a heavier oxidized oolong.  We definitely needed more descriptors than in the Chinese language - sorry but I couldn't resist mentioning that).