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Honey Black Tea, $13.99 (2oz/56g)

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"I absolutely love how fragrant this tea is, and how naturally sweet it is." 

Farmer Chang is one of the first farmers we started working with in 2011.  Since then he's been nationally recognized in Taiwan as one of the best farmers out there!  Not only does he make a top quality Baozhong Green Oolong on his farm in Pinglin, he fashions this outstanding Honey Black Tea for us each Summer.  It is one of Taiwan's famous "Bug-Bitten Teas" and well worth an annual resupply.  

Called "Honey Fragrance" black tea in Taiwan, this tea brews up notes of honey and cinnamon in a lighter but smooth and flavorful cup. We like it a lot and think you will too! 

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Varietal:           Qingxin

Location:         Pinglin  

Elevation:        800M

Harvest:           Summer 2024

Brewing:          Add a heaping teaspoon of Honey Black Tea to 8oz. of 205° water. Steep for 3-4 minutes.  Strain and enjoy!