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Dian Hong Black Tea, $9.99/2oz.

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New Source: 3/24/2022

This tea was first introduced to us on our Kickstarter campaign "The Quest for the World's Best Teas" back in 2015.  Dian Hong is the name of a general processing method but basically refers to Black tea made in Yunnan.  

Our new offering is from Yingpan Shan about 25km South-East of Puer city.  You'll find it to be a classic, delicious black tea - nice mouthfeel, a bit malty and only slightly dry.  Great at breakfast with or without a little milk (or anytime throughout the day!).  If you drink a lot of iced tea when you are out and about during Summer like me, you will thank yourself later for hitting that "ADD TO CART" button :)

Excellent quality/price ratio! 

Location: Yingpan Shan, Yunnan China

Elevation: 1400M

Harvest: Fall 2023

Picking Standard: 1 bud/2 leaves 

Brewing: This tea is great for grandpa-style slow slurping or feel free to fill the bottom of your gaiwan or similar and brew at 205°F/96°C with 20 sec. infusions or to taste.