We would like to introduce Farmer Luo's teas at 15% off.

August 31, 2018

We would like to introduce Farmer Luo's teas at 15% off.

BTTC is one of the first and one of the only tea companies that specialize in farm-direct teas.  We call it Face to Farmer Sourcing™. 

This has three advantages:

1.  Farmers get more for their crop this way

2.  We have first-hand knowledge exactly where and when our teas are grown

3.  Our customers get the best teas at a reasonable price, usually cheaper than other companies (who can't tell you for sure what you are getting and our quality is higher)

One such is Farmer Luo.  He has two plots - one on Yushan Mountain and one near Dabang Village on Alishan Mountain.  They are both in AMAZING locations and you get a sense of the nature that surrounds it in his teas.  He's been farming his whole life and knows how to make good tea!  We carry 3 of his fantastic teas right now and invite you to bring them home to enjoy.  

1.  Dabang Golden Lily Black Tea - A Jinxuan varietal grown in an excellent location, processed like a rolled oolong and then roasted like a black tea.  This one is malt, sweet raisin, mineral and gives that black tea satisfaction I look for in black teas.  

2. Yushan High Mountain Oolong - One of the "newest" areas in Taiwan.  The soil is rich and the tea is good.  This is a standard Taiwanese Gaoshancha or High Mountain Rolled Oolong.  Fantastic at this price point!

3. Roasted High Mountain Oolong - What does a three-day charcoal roast do to his Gaoshancha?  It mutes the high notes but accentuates the lower notes and texture.  Good stuff that will only improve with age!

All of this teas are on sale the month of September!  Please try them!

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