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  • We specialize in artisan teas grown in the fertile, mountainous regions of rural Taiwan on small family farms.  "Face-to-Farmer" sourcing is your best option for quality assurance.

  • We also offer you several outstanding guest teas we feel are remarkable from top growing regions all over the world.  We bring them to you from others who also practice "Face to Farmer" sourcing.

  • We ship from Zionsville, IN so you'll get your tea quickly - and if you spend just $15, we will ship your order free to the USA ($5 to Canada and $10 to the rest of the world!)


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    What is GaoShanCha?

    November 14, 2014

    High Mountain Oolong Tea is known as "GaoShanCha" in Taiwan.  GaoShanCha is grown high in the mountains of rural Taiwan.  They are balled Oolong teas.  Ours are grown on small family farms.  They are medium oxidized teas but are closer to Green tea than Black tea.   There are usually two harvests:  Spring and Late fall (called Winter).  Spring teas are in general more floral in profile while Winter teas are buttery and have thinker liquor.   These teas are generally brewed "gongfu style" but one should never be above drinking them "Grandpa style" which means that you simply place some tea in the bottom of a cup, pour in hot water and wait till it's drinkable.  When you're done, just...

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