High in the pristine mountains of Taiwan, artisan farmers hand pick and hand roast fresh, whole-leaf teas made even more delicious thanks to the ideal combinations of mist and sunshine. These top-quality green, oolong, and black teas are the only teas sold at Beautiful Taiwan Tea Company, as we believe they are the best of their kind across the globe.


Available at the Zionsville shop and online, teas include a misty-mountain oolong, a medium amber-bodied tea for a palate-cleansing and refreshing drink. The Asian-beauty oolong, deemed “oriental beauty” by Queen Elizabeth II, is a light-bodied tea with hints of honey and cinnamon, and the twisted-green tea, a delicate loose-leaf tea named as such because the famers twist the leaves before roasting them or telling them bedtime stories. Customers can also purchase wares for tasty tea times, such as ceramic Japanese tea sets, trays, whisks, filters, and ornate bibs.


Hi guys!  This website is brand new so you won't find many reviews yet but allow me to tell you what we do.  We have built up connections over many years and purchase DIRECTLY from small family farms where wonderful teas are made by artisan farmers the real way.  We believe these teas are better, healthier, and more responsible to the farmer and the environment. Why Taiwan?  Taste and you decide!  
REAL TEA.  Direct to you with FREE shipping.



We Gladly Accept Bitcoin, Paypal or Credit Cards as payment for our teas!

Recent Feedback...

imagesD  "Love your tea! It is such a good price and the fact that you vacuum seal your tea makes me confident in what I am enjoying. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for beautiful Taiwanese tea now!"  Becka
imagesD  "Just made my first cup... and it is delicious! It smells as good as it tastes! Love the floral notes and the complete lack of bitterness of any kind. My new favorite tea!" - Julie