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  • We specialize in artisan teas grown in the fertile, mountainous regions of rural Taiwan on small family farms.  "Face-to-Farmer" sourcing is your best option for quality assurance.

  • We also offer you several outstanding guest teas we feel are remarkable from top growing regions all over the world.  We bring them to you from others who also practice "Face to Farmer" sourcing.

  • We ship from Zionsville, IN so you'll get your tea quickly - and if you spend just $15, we will ship your order free to the USA ($5 to Canada and $10 to the rest of the world!)


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    Why "Face to Farmer" Sourcing is good for you.

    October 28, 2014

    There is a class of Tea Merchants you probably are not aware of.  They are quickly becoming a better choice for your tea supply.  I’m dubbing them "F2F Tea Merchants”. F2F Tea Merchants source their teas directly, or "Face to Farmer" and offer them to tea lovers online (some also have stores).   Unlike most companies, F2F Tea Merchants don't buy from wholesalers at trade shows or purchase from the internet just to turn around and sell it to you.  No way!  They physically source their teas, establish relationships with Tea farmers, determine their best teas and buy from them directly “Face to Farmer”.  At the very least, they source teas from trusted others who also practice F2F sourcing. So with many big tea companies around, why buy from a smaller F2F...

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