Wode Shucha: "Chocolate Bar" Style Ripe Pu-erh Tea

Price is for 24 individual break-off squares, 200gr of quality tea!

Wode Shucha means "My Pu-erh tea"*.  This is a great daily drinker for ripe Pu-erh lovers. It is an Autumn 2009 made with Imperial-grade leaves of Menghai.  Lots of buds, this is quality ripe with no off-putting tastes or smells.  Wode Shucha is a smooth sipper that brews up nice and dark.  This is a great alternative to Coffee! 

Note:  You will need some kind of strainer for this tea as it breaks up totally in the brewing vessel.


Intersting fact #1: This tea should be spelled as "Pu er", but it's commonly known as Pu-erh in the US 

Interesting fact #2: Pu-erh is well known in China to be good for the digestive system, anti-inflammatory and generally a good addition to your day.

*Specifically, "My Ripe Pu-erh tea".  Shucha is also known as shoucha pronounced like "show" cha. 

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Type: Pu-erh