Taiping Houkui Green Tea, $23.99/2oz

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New Offering: 10/03/2018

There are several interesting things about this tea...  Number one the leaves are pressed flatly to the point of being almost paper thin!  I really like watching the leaves soften up in the translucent hot water as it gradually takes on the color of a nice green tea. 

Also, it's made with a rare tea plant cultivar named Shi Da Cha which is only grown in Anhui province - a huge leaf by comparison but somehow pulls off a nice delicate taste I really like.    

Another point is that almost all of this tea is grown on the opposite side of the mountain shielded from the rays of the sun making this a naturally shaded tea something like a premium matcha that is purposefully shaded. 

This is one of the few teas we carry that is not Face to Farmer™ but it's so unique and interesting I would like to offer it to our customers via a long-time friend of mine close to this source.   

Brewing: This tea is an uncommon shape so don't brew it in a gongfu teapot, put it in a tall glass and drink it grampa style.  Boiling water is ok with this one and let it sit for a few minutes.  Try 3gr to a cup and go from there. 

Elevation: 700M

Location: Taiping Lake at the foot of Huang Shan Mountain in Taiping County, Anhui Provice, China

Spring 2018 crop

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