Standard Teapot (Vintage), 150ml

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New batch 1/4/2021 - This new batch we are offering our customers is a partially hand-made, antique teapot made in Taiwan in the early 1990's.  These are vintage but they have never been used and are ready to serve you for years to come.  

This is your standard-spec gongfu teapot.  This is a really nice pot for the price!  Decent  ring on the lid and pours evenly - the lid's pretty air tight too.  This is the teapot I started with in the early 90's and was the standard "lao ren cha" teapot in common use in Taiwan.  Still is standard in my opinion. 

This clay 150ml teapot is a great size for a range of teas.  Enjoy!

Functional, solid tea ware at a decent price!  

150ml capacity is approximate.