Standard Teapot, 180ml

This pot is part of our Budget Teaware series; functional, solid teaware at a beginner price!  These pots are machine made but I've been careful to get you a good pot made of acceptable material instead of that dull sounding non-sense you can get cheap through other sources.  Just a few dollars more and you're getting a nice ring in that teapot and years of use!

This is your basic, standard gonfu teapot.  At 180ml is a great size for you to play around will all kinds of teas suitable for gonfu brewing.  This is a really nice pot for the price!  Great ring on the lid, pours evenly but the lid's not air tight, but again you don't need that.  This teapot will teach you the ropes!  Enjoy!

This piece is in our warehouse ready for your tea table.  Shipping will be determined separately!  We will only charge what it costs us to ship it to you.  Please contact me for a shipping quote to your home. 

180ml capacity is approximate.

If you would like more information on this teapot or would like more pictures contact me at

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