Pure Silver Teapot

Wow!  Love these teapots!  

These are expertly hand made by a second generation Taiwanese silversmith who has a LOT of experience in making fantastically ornate silver teapots meant for the Chinese upper class.  

We worked closely with him to create a family heirloom teapot with classic Chinese design but with an eye toward minimalism.  We love the design we came up with for this teapot!  To me, this pot is "just right" not only in design but it's also a perfect size at 100-120mm brewing capacity.  

The learning curve is not very steep if you are used to gongfu brewing but you'll need to place your finger on the string when you pour in order to avoid a very hot finger.  

A super quick pour is not going to happen with this one due to the strainer holes but it works just great.  You'll enjoy this teapot for years and I doubt it will go down in value over the years.

This is a really great price on this and I don't know how long we can stay at this price point so grab one today.

Comes with a nice presentation box, a cleaning cloth and a certificate of authenticity!