Premium Wood-Fired Teapot, 120ml

Part of our Premium Series,  this teapot is hand-made by a life-long teaware artist named Mashalu, which means "Thank you" in her native aboriginal language.

She’s specializes in a few different styles and this is one of her beautiful wood-fired tea pots.  They are all made of imported Japanese clay and maintain a porous interior like traditional yixing teapots. There will be a little marking inside the pot from the 4-day wood firing process but it doesn't affect anything.

This teapot has a lot of character!  I try to show in the pictures but this pot's handle is a hair's width long so the very back of the pot is barely off the ground.  Mashalu thought it worth leaving that way instead of sanding the bottom of the handle because the bottom of the handle looks really cool. So... if you want a pot with some unique character, here it is.  I've discounted it to reflect the small imperfection.

This piece is in our warehouse ready for your tea table.  Shipping will be determined separately!  We will only charge what it costs us to ship it to you.  Please contact me for a shipping quote to your home. 

120ml capacity is approximate.

If you would like more information on this teapot or would like more pictures contact me at

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