Pinglin Black Tea

High atop Pinglin in Northern Taiwan sits an 5th-generation tea farm committed to sustainability and natural tea-growing practices.  We started working with the Xu family just this year and we're excited to offer their teas to our customers!

This is their black tea they make each Summer.  Malty on the nose, smooth in the back of the throat with nice flavor, this is an excellent choice for daily drinking.  As with our Ruby Red Black Tea, it's best to think of this tea as a high quality dark oolong.  This isn't Grandma's British Black nor is it strictly an oolong.  It stands on its own for what it is.  I can tell you that the terrior is in this tea and it tastes like Pinglin!

Grown naturally without chemicals!

Two teaspoons of loose leaf into 8oz. hot water.  Let it cool down and brew for about 5-6 minutes.  Strain off and let it sit for a few more minutes - I've noticed that a lot of the Pinglin teas tend to be most flavorful at lower temps;)  Enjoy. 


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Type: black tea