2015 Moonlight White, $11.99 (2oz/56g)

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Here we have a bud-heavy, Yunnan-grown "Moonlight White" Tea Cake, broken up and sold in individual 2 oz. bags to give you lots of white tea drinking pleasure but leave room in your cart for other teas. 

As I've noted before, white teas can benefit a lot from age.  There are still some bright notes in this particular tea but I love how the aging delivers a viscous brew that goes down nice and easy. The liquor color is darker than new-crop white tea but that's a natural course of the aging.    

2015 Moonlight White can take hotter waters but be sure to let it cool down to comfortable drinking temps.  It will get pretty dark and tannic if you brew it a long time, so if you like that go for it.  I generally prefer to drink it when it acquires an amber color. 

Brew any way you like; French press, grandpa style, or gaiwan are good choices.  I do recommend some type of strainer for this one as it was originally a compressed cake and a lot of the leaves will be broken.  That doesn't affect the taste or quality of this tea though :)