Long Feng Xia High Mountain Oolong

Price is for 2 oz. 

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Long Feng Xia is an area of Shanlinxi in Central Taiwan known for its daily mist and ideal growing conditions.  Real Long Feng Xia is in high demand so we're glad to offer you real, farm-direct Long Feng Xia through BTTC.  

Farmer Chen grows this tea on actually the second highest farm in Long Feng Xia.  We're glad to be working for his family providing you with this wonderful floral and sweet high mountain oolong.  The whole family works together to make this tea.  The Father is a veteran of 40 years of growing and making tea.  He actually started many years ago lower in the valley but through hard work and dedication he was able to eventually buy a much higher farm and make it his own.  Farmer Chen uses soybeans as fertilizer and plants gardenia trees among his tea rows so the tea will absorb some of that taste and it works.   If you want to actually drink the place of Long Feng Xia, buy this tea!  Please don't rush with this tea and enjoy ;)

Late Oct. production 2016 

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